Took the Stellar out again, launched from Miura Beach and paddled south towards the end of Miura Peninsula. It was glass in Tokyo Bay, but the seas came alive once I passed the Tsurugisaki Lighthouse...made for a fun paddle. And for the first time since my return to Japan, free parking!

Total Distance: 9.40 miles
Duration: 02:09.58
Average Speed: 4.3 mph
Max Speed: 5.2 mph


Purchased a new kayak! Felt like I got a steal on this brand new 2011 model Stellar S18 Sport. Picked it up from South Wind Kayak shop in Yokohama yesterday and maiden trip on the water today.

Launched from Morito Beach and paddled south to Sajima Marina and back. Still need to adjust the seat a little better, but the kayak does feel pretty fast. Happy I got a fast kayak to do some Japan races!

Total Distance: 10.70 miles
Duration: 02:35.13
Average Speed: 4.1 mph
Max Speed: 5.1 mph


4th of July Paddle in Japan. I still need to get better about how to predict the conditions of the sea...it was a calm day wind-wise, but man the ocean was alive! Launched from Jogashima Island and paddled a lap around it. Almost turned around on my lap as I almost flipped a couple of times, but man was in good practice. Sure don't get conditions like this back in the Puget Sound!

Total Distance: 6.88 miles
Duration: 01:53.09
Average Speed: 3.6 mph
Max Speed: 5.0 mph


Nice and easy paddle this morning, lauched from Morito and paddled south towards Isshiki, around Oga Island and back. Mt. Fuji was out with barely and snow on it...plus first trip with the Chatham to to the Tori Gate.

Total Distance: 5.77 miles
Duration: 01:33.59
Average Speed: 3.7 mph
Max Speed: 4.7 mph


Returned to Glass Beach and this is now the 2nd spot in Japan I used to park for free and now have to pay... can't really complain though.

Juneteenth paddle as went from Glass Beach around Monkey Island and back. Getting hot/humid here in Japan as I need to start bringing water! Good paddle though as Tokyo Bay was nice a calm.

Total Distance: 12.21 miles
Duration: 03:15.58
Average Speed: 3.7 mph
Max Speed: 5.1 mph


Work trip to Honolulu Hawaii, and suprisingly was able to knock out a paddle during our team-building off-site.

Our off-site was at the Kualoa Ranch at Secret Island. After our team-building exercises, we got free time and I was able to take one of the kayaks out. The downside is they were all sit-on-tops and couldn't go past the buoys. I felt like a caged animal, but can't complain. This would be a beautiful area to paddle in the future....

Trip 1 Total Distance: 1.12 miles
Duration: 00:31.21
Average Speed: 2.4 mph
Max Speed: 3.6 mph

Trip 2 Total Distance: 1.12 miles
Duration: 00:24.12
Average Speed: 2.8 mph
Max Speed: 3.6 mph


Did one of my classic paddles in Japan, lap around Enoshima Island from Hayama. Felt good to get a long paddle in again.

Total Distance: 11.67 miles
Duration: 03:01.25
Average Speed: 3.9 mph
Max Speed: 5.1 mph


Household goods arrive and got the Chatham out in Japanese waters. Man I've missed this kayak as it's so smooth going through the water. Figured out the parking at Wadanahama Beach and had a nice paddle South into Aburatsubo Bay

Kayaking feels so different in Japan and I definately miss it.

Total Distance: 6.66 miles
Duration: 01:46.49
Average Speed: 3.7 mph
Max Speed: 5.5 mph


Very windy/choppy paddle but got to see the USS RONALD REAGAN (CVN 76) return from Sea Trials. Not as close as I normally get to the CVNs like in the States, but felt like being extra cautions being in a foreign country!

It was tough making it out at first with the long lines of fishing boats heading out into Tokyo Bay, but eventually made it out just in time. Also paddled a bit in the protected harbor after seeing the Reagan come in.

Total Distance: 6.52 miles
Duration: 02:13.58
Average Speed: 2.9 mph
Max Speed: 5.4 mph


First trip back in Japan with the Pakayak showing up in my unaccopanied baggage shipment. Ended up being a really short/quick paddle as the parking situation at Wadanahama Beach was confusing and didn't want to get a parking ticket.

It was good getting back to the water as I forgot how beautiful kayaking in Japan was.

Total Distance: 2.76 miles
Duration: 00:39.52
Average Speed: 4.1 mph
Max Speed: 4.7 mph


Last race in the US for quite some time... worked out well as it's right before all my stuff gets packed out to Japan. Ben joined me in St. Paddle's Day 2024. Beautiful day for a race as I placed 2nd in kayaks (although mostly SUPs in the race). I pushed hard as I couldn't lift my right shoulder after the race!

Total Distance: 6.58 miles
Duration: 01:12:47
Average Speed: 5.4 mph
Max Speed: 6.6 mph


Going away camping / kayaking trip with Jon and Jeramy. Camped on Jeramy's property off of Guillemot Cove on the Hood Canal. It was a super calm day on the canal as we paddled south to the Hamma Hamma River, shared a pitcher of Potlatch IPA at the Hamma Hamma Oyster Saloon, and paddled back. It was the first time I've paddled up to a place for a beer which was awesome (and I'm sure we all looked cool in our bright yellow drysuits, haha). Also really cool exporing a part of the Hood Canal I've never paddled before.

Camping was good too which included an awesome bonfire...a camping must.

Total Distance: 18.19 miles
Duration: 05:29.25
Average Speed: 3.3 mph
Max Speed: 5.1 mph


Returned to the Skokomish River from Union and took the other river route through the estuary at high tide. Launched just before sunset on a beautiful brisk February morning for a nice paddle, a little breeze on the canal on the return, but can't compain!

Total Distance: 7.14 miles
Duration: 01:47.32
Average Speed: 4.0 mph
Max Speed: 4.6 mph


Knocked another one off my list -> paddling around Protection Island off of Sequim. Launched from the Gardiner Boat launch in Discovery Bay and Protection Island was cool to see up close; the launch spot made it a perfect 12 mile-ish round trip distance. Lots of wildlife and the tall cliffs to see on the island.

Total Distance: 12.39 miles
Duration: 02:54.50
Average Speed: 4.3 mph
Max Speed: 5.3 mph


Cold kayaking as it was 18 degrees at launch and warmed up to a balmy 22 degrees later. Met up with Jon and Jeramy as we launched from Lions Park and paddled counter-clockwise around in Dyes inlet. Had to break through ice in a few spots which was pretty cool. Also stopped for a quick warm snack break near Jackson Park. Good paddle for the new year.

Total Distance: 13.90 miles
Duration: 03:40.26
Average Speed: 3.8 mph
Max Speed: 6.5 mph